We All Need To Speak Out


While it’s a positive change that those who have endured sexual assault feel they have the space to come forward, I think we have all been overwhelmed by the level of abuse that seems to pervade every walk of life and every industry. I am especially saddened and appalled at the stories coming out about recent reports of abuse in the massage industry.

As a male massage therapist, I particularly feel I need to speak out. My promise to all those who come into my massage studio and those whose homes and businesses I enter to offer bodywork that I will provide a safe, comfortable space for my clients both physically and emotionally. I consider this a solemn responsibility and have always worked to make the therapeutic experience a safe, healthy, and positive experience for all my clients. I so appreciate all the clients who have put their trust in me and will always live up to that trust.

Hopefully, as we move forward, we can all work to make this world safer for everyone.