What Your Massage Therapist Thinks of Your Body

A number of years ago when I worked at a day spa, I introduced myself to my massage client. As the massage began, she mentioned how relieved she was that she was getting a massage from a woman. As I’ve gotten some of my best hands-on massage from men, I found that curious and asked her why she thought that.

“Because I’d have to suck in my guts for a man,” she responded.

Interestingly enough, men certainly don’t feel the need to suck in their guts for me. And nor should they.

If I got paid for the number of times a woman confessed apologetically about not having shaved her legs, I’d have quite a bit more in the bank.

The truth is that we don’t really care about your hairy legs. What matters is how they feel and what we can do to make them feel better...