“It’s hard to sleep with this backache...”

Sleepless nights can go hand-in-hand with pregnancy. This is the result of the aches and pains that are commonly experienced while carrying a baby.

Back and neck pain, hip and pelvic pain, sciatic nerve irritation—all can cause stress, and make for long days and sleepless nights.

Using an integrative approach to massage - blending various techniques - I can relax you, ease tired and aching muscles, and reduce the stress pregnancy has put on your body.

Let me introduce you to an exceptional relaxation and therapeutic massage experience.

Just don't take my word for it...

"I've experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly massages in Santa Barbara, and I am currently on cloud nine after my 60 minute prenatal. Thank you so much Steve Shepard for the amazing massage tonight. Steve was professional, receptive, convenient, perfect pressure! Please contact him for your next massage, you won't be sorry!" --E. K.
"Pregnancy can be an uncomfortable time for the body- but Steve's prenatal massage has left me feeling like I'm floating through the rest of my day. His pressure was PERFECT and he was easily able to access some hard-to-get-to spots (i.e. the SI joint and QL) that frequently get worked throughout pregnancy. His friendly, professional demeanor made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the entire massage and I cannot thank him enough for the wonderful experience!" 
--C. P.